Social Media Overview: 14 June

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a social media overview, focusing particularly on the tools we’ll be using in MobCop: Google +, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube/Vimeo, Bambuser, Behance and Storify. These will all be covered in more depth in the next few weeks according to the following schedule:

14 JUNE   THURSDAY > Anna | Social media
18 JUNE   MONDAY > Laurent | G+   +   Anna | Twitter
21 JUNE   THURSDAY > Geraldene | Blog
28 JUNE   THURSDAY >  Thom | Youtube/Vimeo
02 JULY    MONDAY > Anna | Bambuser (via Hangout)
05 JULY    THURSDAY > Laurent | Behance (eportfolio)
12 JULY    THURSDAY > Thom | Storify

After our meeting on Thursday I’ll upload my presentation here on the blog and add any other links or resources.

If you have any questions or topics you’d particularly like covered in tomorrow’s session please post here as a comment. (We’ll have plenty of time to have a discussion during tomorrow’s session too).

See you all tomorrow.


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