DCT 14 Feb GD CoP summary

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Lesley’s combined MOBCOP and GD CoP summary (Dec 7)

Multi-modal books in tertiary graphic design [papers HCC1: 21st Century Bookworks and Elective Project 11: Bookbinding for Limited Editions] 

Lesley, Emily, Moata (HCC1)  Louise, Iranna (Bindery)  Sangeeta, Logan (computers)

Transmedia, mult-modal books, iPads and iPhones in first year Graphic Design tertiary teaching

YouTube Overview

YouTube can be a powerful tool for enabling and sharing Student-generated content.

Features of YouTube:

  • Ubiquitous
  • Free
  • Quick
  • Create and share Playlists
  • Favourite and share videos
  • Comment on videos
  • upload from mobile via MMS, email, or apps
  • Integration with iOS and Android devices
  • Integration with Google Plus Hangouts – ‘Livestreaming’ & ‘archiving’.
  • Basic editing via web browser on Mac or PC
  • Annotate videos and embed URL links
  • Copyright checking of content!
  • Relatively good content policies
  • A visual search tool!
  • Useful Help section, including hints on recording.


  • Advertising
  • Can be slow connection on campus – due to popularity and Internet bottlenecks
  • Weeding through the rubbish
  • Audio tends to be an after-thought